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2018 dates:  8th July - 6th August

Summer English Programme to help Chinese Teachers in China!

Check this site to help you find out more about being a short term Summer English Program volunteer teacher in China.

Something remarkable happens when people from different cultures start talking to one another. Language becomes an exchange of ideas rather than a text to be memorised. Culture becomes something to be touched, tasted and explored rather than simply imagined. Even 20 short days of this kind of person-to-person communication can be enough to change a life in a way that no text or course ever could.

Every summer, Amity, a Chinese Non-Governmental Organisation promotes this kind of cross-cultural dialogue as English-speaking volunteers work with rural Chinese teachers of English to develop their listening and speaking skills. Volunteers experience China first hand and gain a deeper understanding of an important and growing nation that is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Seemingly small seeds of faith and friendship are sown in these summer conversations.

If you are a fluent English speaker interested in offering a month of service in China during July, think about joining one of the UK teams coordinated by 

 on the Amity  Summer English Program. We know a lot of people who are eager to have a conversation with a good teacher -- how about you?

Small group discussion aids speaking and listening skills

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