FAQ-3  Goals? How to Apply?

What are the primary goals?

1. To improve the participants’ oral English skills: 

    Provide extensive practice opportunities

    Improve pronunciation

    Improve vocabulary and usage

2. To improve participants’ knowledge of Western culture

    Cultural issues provide interesting subject matter for the practice of language skills

    An enriched knowledge of Western culture enhances participants’ ability to teach culture

3. To expose participants to new ideas and methods for English teaching

    By experiencing different teaching approaches the participants will be stimulated to consider new approaches to their own language teaching.

    Promote more communicative, learner-centred and active approaches to language learning and teaching.

How do I apply? 

The Amity SEP application form is available here: SEP application form

An initial discussion with Jane Coates or Clare Nobbs is essential. There will be an initial meeting for potential candidates in March when selections will be made followed by a further meeting in June in London. The deadline for applications is April 1st. There is a also a Health questionnaire to be completed when our final applications are submitted to Amity.  See also the How to apply page.

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