FAQ-6  Typical Schedule?

What is a typical SEP teaching program schedule?

Typical lesson timings are as follows:

Session 1  8.00-9.00 a.m.    (10 minute break)

Session 2  9.10-10.10 a.m.  (20 minute break)

Session 3 10.30-11.30 a.m.

Back to the Hotel for a lunch break/rest/preparation.

Session 4  3.00-4.00 p.m.

Session 5  4.10-5.10 p.m.

Alternative afternoons

Some practical sessions may be longer e.g.

Session 4  3.00-4.15 p.m.

Session 5  4.25-5.10 p.m.

Each Teacher has a main teaching group/core group that you teach for 2 morning sessions plus a second group that you teach for 1 session each morning. Each member of the Team only prepares 2 lessons for the morning sessions each day-you repeat one of your lessons for your 2nd group/subsidiary group.

In the afternoon each Teacher will teach each of the Chinese Teachers/Groups at some stage during the week so that the Chinese Teachers have the opportunity to be with each of the English Teachers on the Team and experience their different styles, personalities, voice and teaching materials. Afternoon sessions are more informal and practical.

Morning Schedule

You will have 25 Teachers in each Group.

3 Lessons: Learning English, Daily Life Course and People and Relationships Course.

Afternoon Schedule

A separate Rota /Timetable for the P.M. sessions (Period 4 and 5} is worked out on a weekly basis, with opportunities for team teaching.

Period 4

Topics for the afternoon sessions come from the SEP Teachers Manual, Module 4-Our Nation and Module 5-Society and any other topics of interest that you may have. Teachers are free to choose any Topic that they feel will be relevant to their Chinese Teachers. Power Point Presentations are useful-depending on the technology that is available at the teaching site.

Period 5

Again any topic of interest-but at this stage in the day the teachers are becoming a little weary and so games, songs, chants and reading activities are more suitable. English Corner activities are suitable. Lighter activities are needed for this session.


It has sometimes been our practice to offer an optional workshop. This means that we do not keep to the class groups. The Chinese Teachers are free to choose an activity that they are interested in. The volunteer Teacher offers an activity that they are accomplished in.

Lighter activities-Talent Show, Silk painting, Choir, Party, Cocktail Party, D.V.D. Rounders, Ping Pong, Chinese Traditional Tales/Drama, Tour Guides, Line Dancing, Calligraphy, Quilling, Card making, Card games/Board Games  Basketball

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