FAQ- Dates?  Cost?

What are the dates for the program? 

   The exact dates for the program change from year to year, but generally speaking, the program runs from the first week in July to the first week in August. 

   There is a 3-day orientation in Nanjing during the first week of July. Sightseeing tours are provided in Nanjing. Teams then travel to their sites and teach Monday - Friday during the following 3 weeks. Finally, there is a 2-day debriefing in Shanghai. Again, there is opportunity for sightseeing in Shanghai at the end of the program. 

How much does it cost? 

   You are responsible for arranging and paying for the following:

Transportation from your home country to Nanjing before the program. 

Your China visa

Your medical insurance

Transportation from Shanghai back to your home country after the program has finished.     

  In addition, each volunteer pays a block grant of about £800 to cover orientation costs, Hotel costs at the teaching site, domestic travel within China to and from teaching sites, and other program costs. 

   The payment should be made to Amity before or during the Nanjing orientation or via Friends of the Church in China. 


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