2015 locations and our 3 UK teams

China Team 2015

Jane’s team: Kate, Jane and Lawrence, all from Moortown Baptist Church, Leeds - a specialist team for Huining, Gansu Province - Jane’s 11th SEP, Kate’s second and Lawrence’s third SEP.

Dave’s team: Rosie, Dave and Judith - SEP team going to Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

   Angela’s team: Angela & Trevor  (plus 2 Americal students, Miracle and David, due to join them) - SEP team going to Baotou, Inner Mongolia

The full set of Amity 2015 SEP teams is:

1 Tumd Right Banner, Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Angela Evans, Trevor Michael Dickety (FCC), 

Miracle Ray, David Prada  (United Methodist Church)

2 Harqin Banner, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia

David Keir (Moortown Baptist Church/ FCC,) Judith Callaghan & Rosemary Carter (FCC); 

Tianhui Chang (Haverford/ Brynmawr Colleg)

3 Ulanhot, Xingan League, Inner Mongolia

Phyllis Merritt, Dora Parnell, Cecile Cundiff (Baptist General Association of Virginia), 

Zachary Heater (United Methodist Church)

4 Alxa Left Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia

Donald Barnes, Karen Barnes, Kevin Starr, Erin Starr (Volunteers for China)

Sharon Bartlett, Stephen Patterson (Independent)

5 Suining, Sichuan

Harold Durfey, Theodore Cohn, Diana Avellaneda (Independent)

Sara Markham (United Methodist Church)

6 Jingchuan, Pingliang, Gansu

Karen Johnson, David Johnson, Gail Mann (Baptist General Association of Virginia)

7 Shanxian County Team 1, Shandong

Ann-Katrin Hedin (Independent)

Angelique Spencer, Ruth Bagley (Haverford/Bryn Mawr College)

8 Shanxian County, Team 2, Shandong

Edward  Millin, Elizabeth Culp, Margaret Johnston, Gwendolyn Adams (Presbyterian Church of Canada)

9 Huining County, Gansu

Jane Coates, Kate Russell, Lawrence Nip (Moortown Baptist Church/  FCC)

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