Reports from Teams

The following are reports of some teams, from the present year back to 2005

Baotou, Inner Mongolia, 2017  The Baotou Inner Mongolia Team.pdf

Gansu, 2016, The Gansu Team Report 2016.pdf

Huining, Gansu, 2015, The Gansu Team Report 2015.pdf

Ulanhot, Inner Mongolia, 2015, Phyllis Report Inner Mongolia 2015.pdf

Salaqi, Inner Mongolia, 2015, Angela Evans Inner Mongolia 2015.pdf

Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, 2015, Chifeng+Feedback+2015.pdf  (large file!)

Suining, Sichuan, 2014, Suining 2014 Lawrence.pdf

Ulanhot, Inner Mongolia, 2013, Ulanhot Team 2013.pdf

Duolun, Inner Mongolia, 2012, Duolun, Inner Mongolia.pdf

Suining, Sichuan, 2011, Sep Final Report for Suining Team 2011.pdf

Binyang, Guangxi, 2010, SEP Final Report for  Binyang Team 2010.pdf

Ma’anshang, Anhui, 2009, SEP Final Report for Ma'anshan Team 2009.pdf

Chuzhou, Jiangsu 2008, SEP Final Report for Chuzhou Team 2008.pdf

Xingtang, Hebei, 2007, China Summer Team 2007-BMS report.pdf

Xingtang, Hebei, 2006,  SEP Final Report Xingtang Team  2006.pdf

Luzhou, Sichuan 2005,  SEP Final Report Luzhou Team 2005.pdf

Click on locations below to see some of Jane and Clare Nobb’s team sites (some of the many which have been locations for the Amity teams over the past several years):

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