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Jane Coates

  • A  Graduate, a qualified and experienced Social Worker and a 
Primary School Teacher with 22 years of experience teaching 
students from 4 to 12 years of age. 
  •  CELTA and TEFL qualifications.  
  •  She has had short periods of teaching in Angola, Africa; 
Bangladesh; India and Afghanistan as a volunteer teacher.    
  •  She is a regular short term volunteer for Amity- a charity 
founded in 1985 which was one of the first NGOs officially 
  • approved by the Chinese Government, helping Chinese 
  • teachers of English to develop their English oracy skills 
  • (speaking, listening, language and teaching skills).
  •  She has led teacher teams on behalf of Amity each July for the past 
  • 8 years (in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, Xingtang, Hebei Province; Chuzhou, Jiangsu Province; Binyang, Guangxi Province; Ma'Anshan, Anhui Province; Duolun, Inner Mongolia.) 
  • She is married to Phil Coates, and they have 4 adult children and 3 grandchildren. 

Angela Evans

  •  She is a graduate with a PGCE and taught history in secondary schools in England and Kenya
  •  She is also a qualified librarian, with experience of working in libraries in further education colleges and secondary schools
  •  She visited China for the first time in 2002
  •  She has a TEFL qualification and MA in English Language Teaching
  •  She joined Amity’s full-time teacher programme in 2006, teaching English to students in teachers’ colleges in Dingxi and Lanzhou (Gansu province), and Jining (Inner Mongolia)
  •  She was involved in a programme of staff development for college and secondary school teachers for two years while in Jining, Inner Mongolia
  •  She has visited at least seventeen provinces of China – Gansu is her favourite
  •  She returned from China in 2012, became a member of FCC and serves on its committee
  •  She participated in the SEP in 2013 and led a team in Dongying, Shandong Province
  •  She coordinated the SEP volunteers from the UK in 2014
  •  She is part of a large family and enjoys being an aunt and great aunt A graduate with BA (USA) and B Ed (UK) 

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