Main daily lessons

Note:  The following teaching resources are free for SEP volunteer Teachers to use. They can be used as they are or adapted. However, please be aware that these resources are not officially endorsed  by Amity and are meant to be examples, suggestions and inspiration for your own resources. The items posted here are as they were used at the time, on the Amity Summer English Programs with Chinese Teachers.

Main daily lessons:

Daily Life Course 2014

    Famous buildings.ppt




    Religious Buildings.ppt

Learning English Course 2014

    2013Comparison of Education in the UK China PPT.ppt      


    Education Handout Master.ppt

    Encounters Critical Incident Stories.ppt

    Going to Tense PPT.ppt

    Learning English Textbook PPTS.ppt

    Pronunciation Simplified Version.ppt

    Study Skills.ppt

    The Reading Process.ppt

    What is culture.ppt

People and Relationships Course 2014


    Dating and Meeting your partner.pptx 

    famous people.ppt

    hellen keller.ppt


Western Culture 2014

    2013 A Comparison of Christmas and Chinese New Year.pptx

    2013 Auld Lang Syne.ppt

    2013 British Etiquette.pptx

    2013 I'd like to teach the world to sing.ppt

    2013 Images of England.pptx

    2013 Leeds.pptx

    2013 The Price is Right.pptx

    Autumn Festivals in the West.pptx



    Short Tour of the UK.ppt


    The wedding Service.pptx


    Valentine’s Day.pptx

SEP Activities 2014

    2013 Jazz chants for adults.pptx

    2013 Jazz chants for children.pptx

    2014 Practical activities.pptx



    Shipwreck survival.pptx

    Tongue Twisters.ppt

Other key lessons:

    Encounters Critical Incident Stories.ppt

Other resources:


    Music Songs for SEP 2014

    Resources from Phyllis Merritt (an experienced ESL teacher)

    The Work of Amity 2014 - see the videos page

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