FAQ-8  What is Amity? FCC?

What is the Amity Foundation?

The Amity Foundation is an independent Chinese voluntary organisation ( a Non Government Organisation NGO) created on the initiative of Chinese Christians. It was founded in 1985.

The Education Division is just one aspect of Amity’s work.

Amity’s goal is to ensure that everyone receives equal educational opportunities.

Amity’s Educational programmes focus on balancing educational resources between cities and the villages and towns in rural areas.

Amity provides Specialist Volunteers/Teachers from abroad to support the Chinese Teachers of English working in rural areas.

Amity wants Chinese teachers to be able to expand their educational and job opportunities. It provides scholarships for Teachers to receive further training.

Amity provides schools for the children of migrant workers.

Each year Amity operates an intensive 3 week Summer English Programme for the Chinese Teachers of English.

The restructured high school English course requires that Teachers possess good speaking and listening skills. Since 1988 Amity has used foreign trainers who are volunteers to lead a 3 week Intensive English Programme in order to improve English proficiency for rural High School, Middle School and Primary School teachers.

Amity’s Summer English Programme promotes cross-cultural dialogue between English speaking volunteers and the Chinese teachers of English.

Here are some further insights into Amity activities:

Amity PPT Presentation.pdf

Church and Social Services.pdf


Heroes-Sichuan Earthquake.pdf

Who are the Friends of the Church in China (FCC)?

The FCC is an ecumenical group, set up in 1984, which has built up close links with both the Protestant and Catholic communities in China. This has been a period which has seen rapid and immense changes for everyone in China. Through the FCC, our members are able to have regular news of Chinese Christians and opportunities for meeting and dialogue, so keep updated on:

The rapid growth of the church in China

The opportunities and challenges for local congregations

A wide range of social service projects

FCC Members

Receive a regular Newsletter with articles on issues of importance to China and its Christian communities, together with news and stories from across the country.

Keep updated through this website and have access to a wide range of resource materials.

Attend conferences and events in Britain to hear speakers from China and organise and participate in local ‘China Focus’ events.

Join Study Visits to China, which may follow unusual itineraries off the beaten track and include meetings with local Christian communities, plus a chance to see projects first-hand.

Participate in China opportunities such as a Summer English Teaching Programme.

Meet with visiting Chinese delegations and Chinese students on courses in Britain and Ireland.

Support a variety of educational, social welfare and development projects, in close cooperation with the Amity Foundation, China Christian Council, Jinde Charities (Catholic) and others.

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