FAQ-5  Contacts? Requirements?

If I have further questions who should I contact?

Jane Coates   Home tel:0113 2688642    Mob: 07824317650       

email: jmcoates41@hotmail.com

Angela Evans  email: angelamevans1@gmail.com

The Amity website is a good source of information. Look for: www.amityfoundation.org    When you initially reach the website, choose the English version and then look for information about the SEP. You can also find our SEP Handbook and our teaching materials under "Teaching Resources." 

To contact Amity directly:

    The Amity Foundation  爱德基金会     

    Address: 71 Hankou Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210008 China   地址:江苏省南京市汉口 71号  邮编:210008  

    Website: www.amityfoundation.org 

Liu Ruhong, Director of Education and International Exchange Division        liuruhong@amityfoundation.org.cn          

She Hongyu, Associate Director of Research and Development Center   shehongyu@amityfoundation.org.cn

Are there other requirements to consider before I apply?

There are five basic requirements for team members: 

1. You must be willing to observe the laws and ordinances of the Chinese govt. and refrain from any activity of a proselytizing nature. 

2. You need a college degree. If most members of a team are experienced teachers, the team can include someone that does not have a degree and they can be appointed as a Language Support Assistant.

3. You need to be in good health and be able to work in hot and humid conditions. 

4. Each individual teacher must make sure that his/her trip to China is properly covered by medical insurance. 

If you are new to Amity's Summer Programs, you must be 70 years old or younger for service on a summer team. Veteran SEP volunteers may apply up to the age of 75.  

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