Here are some of our recent and current programmes:

Access Innovation  -   PU

Agemaspark  - precision moulding

Arterius - oriented bioresorbable polymer stents

Autodesk Inc - long fibre injection moulding/ CAE for polymer processing

China Petroleum (Sinopec) phase 1  - solid phase orientation processing

China Petroleum (Sinopec) phase 2 -  solid phase orientation processing

Defence Science & Technologies

Dyson  - precision surface feature moulding

Dyson Technology - precision extrusion

Elcometer - precision moulding of commercial components

EPSRC Capital Grant - Advanced Materials for Healthcare

EPSRC Flow Induced Crystallisation  - with Nottingham and Leeds Universities

EPSRC Healthcare Impact Partnership - shape memory polymers for soft tissue and bone fixation;  with Innovate Orthopaedics and the Fortius Clinic

EPSRC Low Carbon Manufacturing - enhanced solid state shear milling for difficult to recycle polymers; with Sichuan University/ NSFC funding

EPSRC MeDe - UK Centre for Innovative Manufacturing of Medical Devices, led by Leeds, with Newcastle, Nottingham & Sheffield Universities

EPSRC R4M - Resilient Materials for Life, led by Cardiff, with Cambridge University

EU Himalaia - multi partner EU programme in precision moulding

EU Microman - multi partner EU Marie Curie network in precision moulding

Floreon - novel PLA materials

Gates Foundation  - micro needles

Grow Med Tech - polymer development for fixations

Innovate UK  - various programmes, including TrakRap novel packaging

JRI Orthopaedics - coating characterisation

Kimberly Clark - corporate support

KTP James Mae Gro

Locate Therapeutics - novel processing


Royal Academy of Engineering  - research fellowship with Changchun, micro moulding structures

Royal Society - Research Fellow (Prof Y Men) Changchun - in-situ beam line study of structure development in solid phase orientation and micro moulding

Sabic (phases 1, 2, 3)  - solid phase orientation processing of polymers

Sinopec (China Petroleum Co) Beijing  (phases 1, 2) - solid phase orientation processing of polymers

Sofmat  - novel anticounterfeiting technologies

Translate Med Tech

UKEIRI  - 3 programmes with Indian institutions:   ICT Mumbai, NCL Pune, Pune

University of Leeds  - shape memory fixations

Y & H Strategic Health Authority

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