We have a very strong and growing international portfolio, particularly with China and India, but also in Europe and the USA.


Our Chinese collaborations operate under the Science Bridges China platform (RCUK and EPSRC grants), involving around 30 leading Chinese universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences groups.


In 2012 we launched the UK-China Advanced Materials Research Institute, co-Directed by Prof Guangxian Li (Senior Vice President, Sichuan University) and Prof Phil Coates.

Our Strategic Links with China book can be downloaded here.   

In 2010 we opened a Joint International Laboratory for Polymer Micro Processing with the State Key Laboratory for Polymer Materials Engineering (SKLPME) of Sichuan University.

Prof Wang, Prof Guangxian Li (Exec Vice President), Prof Coates and Prof Qi Wang unveil the new Joint Laboratory, Sichuan 2010

The Joint Laboratory is co-directed by Prof Qi Wang and Prof Phil Coates, together with Prof Ben Whiteside and Prof Hesheng Xia.  

We hold a range of prestigious grants with Chinese groups, including MOST International grants, NSFC International grants, a joint RCUK-MOST international grant, and Chinese Government awards, including the major '111' programme, for which Prof Coates leads a team of 10 overseas researchers plus 5 from Bradford.

In September 2015, we opened a Joint International Laboratory for Polymer Process Physics with Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (CIACCAS). This is co-Directed by Prof Yongfeng Men and Prof Phil Coates.

Prof Coates and Prof Xiaoniu Yang (Changchun), signing the Joint Laboratory agreement at the 
Polymer Process Engineering/ UK-China AMRI Conference, Sept 2015

We won a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship for Dr Zhiyong Jiang of CIACCAS (2014-15) to research ‘Deformation and fracture behaviour of polymers’, followed by the prestigious Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship with Prof Yongfeng Men of CIACCAS, a 3 year award from September 2015, to research 'Advanced processing physics of micro moulding and die drawing of polymers for control of properties’.

Prof Liqun Zhang and Prof Coates signing the Joint Laboratory agreement at the Dec 2016 Newton British Council Workshop for Early Career Researchers, in Chengdu

In December 2016 we launched the Joint International Laboratory for Soft Matter Technologies with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, co-directed by Prof Liqun Zhang and Prof Phil Coates.

Polymer Engineering International:

We launched at the P70 meeting in September 2018, a new network of leading research groups based on - and adding to - the successful model we have been running with our Chinese partners.  Click above to go to the PEI website.

Our India programmes are currently mainly based around Advanced Materials and Pharmaceuticals - see our UK-India web site for more details (

They include an original UKIERI programme (2011-13)  on 

Green processing of Pharmaceuticals (Prof Phil Coates/Prof Anant Paradkar) with Prof G Yadav, Vice Chancellor of ICT Mumbai

and two further UKIERI programmes - 

2012: Stoichiometric and Polymorphic control in co-crystallisation   (Prof Anant Paradkar) with

Professor Ashwini Nangia, University of Hyderabad,  Professor Raj Suryanarayanan, University of Minnesota

2013:  Morphological structuring of polymeric matrices as a novel approach for controlled drug release (Dr Adrian Kelly) with 

Dr Guruswamy Kumaraswamy, CSIR National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

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