Polymer Process Engineering

We host the biennial Polymer Process Engineering international conferences in the Norcroft Conference Centre, adjacent to our research laboratories or in our superb Conference Room, allowing incorporation of laboratory demonstrations.

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Polymer Processing Machinery international conference was organised and run at Bradford biennally from 1985;
this was the predecessor to the Polymer Process Engineering international conference, which has run at Bradford biennally from 1997.

PPE'11 was held in December 2011 - details here.

PPE’13 was held in an Advanced Materials Technology week, jointly with our 5th Research Workshop with the UK-China AMRI - details here.

PPE’15 was held jointly with the 7th Research Workshop with the UK-China AMRI, in parallel with the British Science Festival hosted at Bradford, 7-11 September 2015 - details here.

PPE’17  was held jointly with the 9th Research Workshop with the UK-China AMRI, Tues 25 - Thurs 27 July 2017 - details here.

International Conference and Workshop 

at the Norcroft Conference Centre and Polymer IRC Laboratories, Bradford - see here for more details

PPE’19 was held on the 30th Anniversary of the Polymer IRC, in Bradford on 9-10th July 2019.  Details are here.  Its sessions included:

  • Towards a circular economy for plastics 1 & 2;
  • Processing Science and Technology 1: Precision 3d Printing
  • Processing Science and Technology 2: Precision Solid Phase Processing
  • Processing Science and Technology 3: Advanced Materials
  • Processing Science and Technology 4: Precision Moulding
  • Processing Science and Technology 5: Med Tech
  • Processing Science and Technology 6

The UK-China Research Workshops began in November 2011 and have run alternately in China and the UK - for details see the UK-China AMRI web site.

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