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The Polymer IRC - Polymer Micro & Nano TechnologyTumbling Hill Street EntranceCarlton Street EntranceUniversity of Bradford from above - our laboratory indicatedSigning agreement for the Bradford-Changchun Joint Laboratory at PPE15/ AMRI 7th WorkshopPPE15/ UK-China AMRI meeting, September 2015Shanghai and Beijing researchers visitProf Yongfeng Men, left - our new Royal Society Newton Advanced FellowUK-China AMRI Workshop, Sept 2015in the Polymer MNT laboratorySome of the Polymer IRC larger scale injection facilitiesClean micromoulding processingsmall scale and high speed injectionfull precision extrusion facilities from large to small scalesmall scale extrusion and die drawingdie drawn oriented polymer product examples - larger scaledental root canal filling moulded in our labsQR code anti-counterfeit micromoulding demonstratormicroneedle array for micro mouldingmicromoulded laser diffraction gratingoriented polymers for building products - Eovations LLC spin out in USAinternational compoundingnano composites research international collaborationsresearch exchanges with China - a great successno, not walking on the moon...Founding the UK-China AMRI, Chengdu 2012processing of pharmaceuticals - a key developing areaOpening the Joint Laboratory with Sichuan University, 2010International meetings at BradfordAt PPE’15, Jane & Phil Coates with Prof Ian Ward FRS and Mrs Margaret Ward; Ian was the first Director of the Polymer IRCAt the PPE’15 & UK-China AMRI meetingPPE’15 & UK-China AMRI meeting, Sept 2015Minister Counsellor Sunan Jiang (centre) at PPE15/UK-China AMRI meetingChinese Medical Device Manufacturers visit, 2014Banquet at PPE’15/UK-China AMRI

Welcome to this gateway to our various research and knowledge transfer activities in the Polymer IRC.

The Polymer IRC laboratories at Bradford form part of the wider Polymer IRC (Universities of Leeds, Bradford, Durham and Sheffield).  We are a world leading research laboratory for process structuring of polymers, polymer composites/nanocomposites,  biomaterials and pharmaceuticals, with novel and conventional materials processing. Our facilities include:  40 advanced manufacturing lines for melt phase, solid phase and reactive processing, extensive physical and chemical characterisation over the length scales, and computer modelling.  We have wide-ranging academic collaborations and currently work with over 150 companies (see also our Bradford Industry Group).   Please see the overview here.

See the Resources page for fuller details of our facilities, projects and publications.

Do contact us for further information, or to arrange a visit/ discussions - our Laboratory Managers and Research teams will be pleased to find ways to help.

Prof Phil Coates FREng

PPE15 and UK-China AMRI international meetings, 8-10 September 2015 - see here

PPE17 and UK-China AMRI international meetings, 25-27 July 2017 - see here

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