P70 -Polymer Engineering International/ UK-China AMRI

An international conference celebrating the 70th birthday of Phil Coates

Bradford 18-20 September 2018

in conjunction with UK-China Advanced Materials for Healthcare Research Workshop

The PROGRAMME is now available HERE


We warmly invite you to attend this event to mark this special birthday (on 20th September) of Prof Phil Coates FREng, and the award-winning innovative science and many international collaborations, friendships and the associated international research community he has helped to promote over the past 40 years. Please put this into your diary!

It will be a very friendly gathering of international colleagues from academy, industry and government, (including the Chinese Ambassador to the UK) for leaders and early career researchers, with technical sessions, laboratory demonstrations and good social opportunities. Further details will follow in the near future. We will waive any registration costs for invited speakers.

It is a special event! It will be held in conjunction with theUK-China Advanced Materials Research Institute Research Workshop - Advanced Materials for Healthcare - a key collaboration between the UK and China in advanced materials for healthcare, with associated MeDe Innovation, our EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices.

These events will all take place in University of Bradford Norcroft Conference Centre and the Polymer IRC Laboratories

Keynote/ Invited Speakers include:Chinese AmbassadorXiaoming Liu, Qi Wang, Guangxian Li, Hesheng Xia (Sichuan); Yongfeng Men (Changchun), Chul Park (Toronto), Gerrit Peters (Eindhoven), Clemens Holzer (Leoben), John Fisher (Leeds), Russ Speight (Autodesk), Kadem Al-lamee (Arterius), Patrick Lee (Toronto), Ludwig Cardon (Gent), Roberto Pantani (Salerno), Giovanni Luchetta (Padova), Liqun Zhang (BUCT), Sebastiao Canevarolo (UFSCar, Brasil), Jose Covas (Minho), Matthew Rous (CBBC), Takeshi Kikutani (Tokyo Inst Technology), Sally Beken (KTN UK), Meng Xiaohui (ICCAS Beijing), Aminul Islam (DTU Denmark), Zhibo Li (Qingdao QUST), Kenny Dalgarno (Newcastle)

Programme Outline:

2018-09-11 16-59-45

The Polymer IRC Laboratories building (foreground) - reclad and re-roofed in 2015.


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