A Google map of the Conference Venue, the Norcroft Conference Centre, and the Polymer IRC Laboratory ishere


The conference will be held in the Norcroft Conference Centre and in the iconic Polymer IRC Laboratories at the University of Bradford - a leading University of Technology.

The city of Bradford has important UK high technology museums, an IMAX cinema - and is the UK curry centre! Its metropolitan district includes some of the beautiful Yorkshire dales, easily reached from the city centre. Joining instructions will be issued approximately two weeks before the conference.


A commercial exhibition will again run in conjunction with the PPE conference, in the Polymer IRC Laboratory building (almost directly above the conference room); all refreshments and lunches will be available in the exhibition area.

Hotel Accommodation- information is available here

Processing Laboratories - live demonstrations

There will be opportunity to observe the extensive computer monitored polymer processing and process structuring facilities at the University of Bradford Polymer IRC laboratories, including demonstrations of novel processing technologies in melt and solid phase processing, in 3 leading Research Centres hosted in our Laboratory - the Polymer Micro & Nano Technology RKT Centre, the Advanced Materials Engineeering RKT Centre and the Pharmaceutical Engineering Science RKT Centre.

Polymer IRC 2018