About this event

Where is polymer processing going? What are the key trends in technology in this vital international industry?

P70 aims to:

• Provide a timely forum for presentation & discussion of key developments in engineering excellence in polymer processing and asssociated advanced materials for healthcare;

• Cover leading edge developments in precision polymer processing technology, in-process measurements and process flow modelling, and control;

• Provide a technical focus for the processing and technology industries;

• Reflect developments in Advanced Materials in Healthcare and Medical Devices

What is the scope?

Our themes are Precision processing technologies and materials, including Polymer Micro and Nano Technology, and Advanced Materials for Healthcare, and Science to Commercialisation. Polymer processing technology and its outworkings in commercial and novel areas is a key feature of this conference.

Who should attend?

All friends and colleagues of Prof Phil Coates can meet together at this event, from around the globe - and of course, in particular from our UK-China AMRI/ Science Bridges China community! In addition we welcome industrial and academic engineers, managers and scientists in the plastics industry and related areas will all find much to their benefit in this conference. The emphasis is upon first class engineering and the application of science - purely commercial and marketing presentations are excluded. An excellent range of high quality speakers from various countries will represent the major industrial and academic thrusts in polymer processing. We warmly welcome all delegates. Delegates will be able to participate in the conference sessions and discussions. A softbound book of conference papers will be published, and available after the conference. This event has been recognised by the IoM3 for CPD: Continuing Professional Development is the systematic maintenance, improvement & broadening of knowledge & skill, & the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional, managerial and technical duties throughout the practitioner's working life. Information will be made available in large print, braille or on audio cassette on request toBradfordConferencing.

Additional Information

The Conference and Exhibition will again be held in the Norcroft Centre, opposite the Polymer IRC laboratories.

Polymer IRC 2018