2014 Seminars 

UKIERI Seminar in Bradford, September 2014


An exciting range of topics including Advanced polymer and process engineering, Nanomaterials and processing, Technology innovations, Product Innovation, Crystal Engineering and Process Analytics. 

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Attendees at the UKIERI Seminar in the Bradford sunshine, September 2014

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This was a very stimulating meeting, which brought together colleagues from ICT Mumbai and new and established academics in Bradford, with many interconnecting themes in Chemical Engineering, process structuring and nanomaterials 

In addition to the obvious pharmaceutical – related collaborations we identified opportunities:

  • Researcher profiles should be completed by as many of our teams as possible – this is a valuable resource, aiming for a searchable database
  • Characterisation techniques – some common interests/ cross-fertilisation opportunities e.g. (exploitation of the facilities in Polymer IRC/RKT Centres) -  imaging (optical/ thermal)  Tomography;  Spectroscopy,  AFM;
  • Modelling synergies
  • Nanomaterials/ nanoparticles – internal meeting to explore further?  External links also.
  • Broader Chemical Engineering areas – for further linking?
  • Energy
  • Process Engineering – batch &  continuous manufacturing    c.f. scale up 

International linking opportunities include:

  • Researcher Exchanges – a prime way to develop collaboration, joint publication/ IP etc, bids for fuller support  - possible mechanism: 1 month exchange – host meets living costs, sender pays international travel) – or get external funding… - see below!
  • International bids – check opportunities
  • Newton fund (when fuller details are out - Exchange details came out immediately after our Seminar)  
  • Royal Society;  Royal Academy of Engineering;  - all have Exchange elements; up to 1 year.
  • British Council support meetings;   US-UK+ 1
  • Active researchers;  train younger researchers – we could run several projects?  Prof Coates announced that Bradford would offer 2 scholarships to allow up to one month research exchange - contact us for further information.
  • We agreed to explore Joint Degrees for researchers.

UKIERI Seminar at ICT Mumbai, January 2014



Thursday 9th January 2014


A one day International symposium entitled, “Green Processing Technologies for Poorly Soluble Drugs” was organized at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Mumbai, India under the aegis of UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) program on 9th January 2014.

The symposium provided an interactive platform for better understanding of the latest research and development in green pharmaceutical technologies and applications thereof. The gathering witnessed over 150 participants that included scientists from pharmaceutical industry, academicians and students from various Institutes.

The inaugural address by Prof. G. D. Yadav, Vice Chancellor of Institute of Chemical Technology chronicled the progress and advances in green processing technologies and emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration towards better emergence of green approached in Pharmaceutical arena.

The symposium covered the applications and scope of green technologies in pertinent areas of pharmaceutical research viz. crystal engineering, amorphous pharmaceutical systems, nanoparticulate drug delivery systems and other novel approaches like hydrotropic solubilization. The symposium offered insightful deliberations by 9 renowned speakers from UK, USA and India with vast experience in the field of pharmaceutical engineering, technology and sciences – Prof. G. D. Yadav (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Prof. Anant Paradkar (University of Bradford, UK), Dr. Adrian Kelly (University of Bradford, UK), Prof. Raj Suryanarayanan  (University of Minnesota, USA), Prof. Ashwini Nangia (University of Hyderabad, India), Prof. Atmaram Pawar (Poona College of Pharmacy, India), Prof. Padma

Devarajan (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Prof. Vandana Patravale (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Prof. Vilas Gaikar (Institute of Chemical Technology, India).

The conference further hosted presentations by students – Mr. Sudhir Pagire (University of Bradford, UK), Mr. Vilas Malode (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Ms. Preshita Desai (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Ms. Noopur Rathi (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), Mrs. Pooja Thorat (Institute of Chemical Technology, India), who worked on various green processing technologies under the bilateral UKIERI program.

The symposium was well attended and highly appreciated by all the participants with a request to organize such events on periodic basis. Thus, in a nutshell, the symposium was timely and noteworthy that encouraged the dialogue between industry and academia towards the application of green technologies in healthcare. Further in our vision, the symposia not only offered an able platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge but also have fostered the possibility of extending the existing collaborations between UK, USA and Indian investigators in future to benefit young investigators and scientists.



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