Our full team

Our current Polymer IRC Research team, with contact details, are:


Prof Phil Coates FREng   x4540/ x1812   Chesham  C2.33    



  • Prof Hadj Benkreira  x3721  Chesham B1.06 
    • Coating, Rheology, Processing 
    • h.benkreira@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Elaine Brown  x4531  WG22c 
    • Manager, Ultrasound
    • e.brown@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Phil (Fin) Caton-Rose   x3726 WG27
    • Manager, FEA solid Phase Processing
    • p.caton-rose@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Tim Gough  x4536  WG28
    • Manager, Rheo-optical Materials Char.
    • t.gough@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Maria Katsikogianni
    • Biomedical Materials
    • M.Katsikogianni@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Adrian Kelly  x4532  WG29b
    • Manager, Extrusion
    • a.l.kelly@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Mike Martyn  x5929  WG22e
    • m.t.martyn@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Anant Paradkar  x3900 Norcroft  NB2.12a
    • International Chair in Pharmaceutical 
    • A.Paradkar1@Bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Raj Patel  x3690 Chesham C2.19
    • Head, Chemical Engineering
    • r.patel@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Steve Rimmer 
    • Head, Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Life Sciences;  Polymer Synthesis
    • S.Rimmer@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Farshid Sefat
    • Biomedical materials
    • F.Sefat1@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof John Sweeney x5456  C1.12
    • Modelling: Polymer Deformation
    • j.sweeney@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Pete Twigg  x6183 C2.04
    • AFM/Biomaterials
    • p.twigg@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Ian Ward FRS 
    • Solid Phase Processing (Visiting Prof)
    • i.m.ward@leeds.ac.uk
  • Prof Ben Whiteside x 6266/1958  WG22a
    • Micro and Nano Technology
    • b.r.whiteside@bradford.ac.uk

Other Associated Academic Staff                              

  • Dr Peter Olley x4537 Chesham C2.27
    • Computer Modelling
    • p.olley@bradford.ac.uk
  • Prof Martin Priest x4021  Chesham C1.22
    • Dean of School of Eng & Info
    • m.priest@bradford.ac.uk


  • Dr Maksims Babenko
    • Micromoulding
    • M.Babenko1@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Hrushikesh Karandikar
    • Pharma Eng Sci
    • H.M.Karandikar1@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Sachin Korde
    • Pharma Eng Sci
    • S.A.Korde2@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Karthik Nair
    • Medical technologies
    • K.J.Nair2@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Sudhir Pagire
    • Pharma Eng Sci
    • s.k.pagire2@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Paul Spencer  x5808   WG40b
    • Nanocomposite Modelling
    • p.e.spencer@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Brian Thomson
    • Medical materials
    • b.thomson@bradford.ac.uk   
  •  Dr Cristina Tuinea-Bobe  x3744  WG40b
    • Micro and nanotechnology
    • c.tuinea-bobe@Bradford.ac.uk
  • Clive Wood  C.J.Wood5@bradford.ac.uk
  • Dr Mike Woodhead  x4077 WG38
    • In-process Measurements
    • m.woodhead@bradford.ac.uk


  • Ms Xiaolei Wang x4034 C2.31
    • International Programme Manager
    • xwang5@bradford.ac.uk


  • Glen Thompson x4513  WB9
    • Lab manager/  Experimental Officer
    • g.p.thompson@bradford.ac.uk
  • David Barker x4513 WB9
    • Technician
    • D.Barker2@bradford.ac.uk
  • Nigel Smith x4513 WB9
    • Technician
    • N.Smith8@bradford.ac.uk
  • Lee Thomas x4513 WB9
    • Technician
    • L.J.N.Thomas@bradford.ac.uk
  • Ken Howell  x4516  WB16
    • Research Technician Electronics
    • K.B.Howell@Bradford.ac.uk


  • Sue Hinchliffe x4013 C1.23
    • PA to Dean of Eng & Info
    • s.a.hinchliffe@bradford.ac.uk
  • Nigel Hulley x4144/1977  C2.05c
    • Technical Manager
    • N.Hulley@bradford.ac.uk


Mohammad Abou      salhab.salhab@bradford.ac.uk       Drug delivery systems to target postoperative pain in orthopaedic surgery

Morteza Bazgir   B232   mbazgir@student.bradford.ac.uk

Mukesh Bansiwal    m.bansiwal@student.bradford.ac.uk      Ultrasound and microwave assisted pharmaceutical processing

Millan-John Gilson   4249  WG40a      m.gilson@student.bradford.ac.uk       Injection moulding of long fibre composites

Mert Gulcur    4583 WG30    m.gulcur@bradford.ac.uk        production of thermoplastic micro-needle arrays

Michael Hebda 4249 WG40a       m.hebda@student.bradford.ac.uk        Fused Depostion Modelling (3d printing)   

Nikos Kassos 3603 WG39          n.kassos@student.bradford.ac.uk        Biomedical polymers

Abdulrahman Mkia 6265 NB2.13       a.r.mkia@student.bradford.ac.uk          Shear Mediated Crystallisation in Polymeric Drug Formulations

Azad Mohammed 4794 NB3.12        a.f.mohammed@student.bradford.ac.uk         Pharmaceutical melt granulation

Mohamad Mousa             M.A.M.Mousa@bradford.ac.uk

Muthana Obeed            M.M.Obeed@student.bradford.ac.uk

Vasiliki Papadopoulou    WG32     V.papadopoulou2@bradford.ac.uk       Polymer gel electrolytes for lithium ion batteries

Tehmeena Israr Raja       3603 WG39            T.Raja@bradford.ac.uk

Ramisha Ur Rehman     B232         r.u.rehman@student.bradford.ac.uk           PEEK glass fibre composite

George Reider-jacks 3603 WG39          g.s.reider-jacks@student.bradford.ac.uk

Aniket Sabnis 4794 NB3.12         a.d.sabnis@bradford.ac.uk          Pharmaceutical hot melt extrusion

Asim SajidM.            a.sajid@bradford.ac.uk            Pharmaceutical crystal engineering

Bana Shriky 4249     WG40a          b.shriky@student.bradford.ac.uk              Hydrogels for drug delivery 

Zhongguo Zhao    WG40a           Z.Zhao7@bradford.ac.uk            Visiting Research Student (Sichuan University)

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