Experimental and Modelling Facilities

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Injection Moulding

  • Ultraprecision micromoulding WB11Wittman Battenfeld Micropower (2) & Microsystem (2)
  • ultraprecision larger scale injection moulding WB9Fanuc30B
  • high speed thin wall injection moulding WB11Fanuc 100t
  • with Fanuc 6-axis robot
  • Ultrasonic microinjection moulding WB11Ultrasion
  • 2K injection moulding WB9Battenfeld 120t
  • large scale injection moulding WB9Fanuc 50t, Battenfeld 75t
  • small scale injection moulding WB11Fanuc 5t


  • micro extrusion WB13 Clean roomXplore
  • micro extrusion WB13 Clean roomThermo Fisher
  • miniature twin screw extrusion WB13 Clean roomThermo Fisher 11mm
  • small scale twin screw extrusion WB13 Clean roomPrism 16mm; APV 19mm; 
  • small scale twin screw extrusion WB9 Clean roomPrism 16mm
  • mid scale single screw extrusionRondol 18mm
  • small scale single screw extrusionRondol 12mm
  • mid-scale twin screw extrusion WB13 Clean roomThermo Fisher 16mm 40:1 L/D
  • large scale twin screw extrusion WB10Thermo Fisher 25mm 40:1 L/D
  • with 3 KTron loss in weight feeders
  • twin screw extrusion (gel electics) WG14Rondol 19mm
  • feeding single screw extruderRondol 20mm
  • small scale single screw extrusion WLB1Randcastle
  • medium scale single screw tube extrusion WB17Dr Collin 16mm
  • medium scale single screw film extrusion WB17Dr Collin 20mm
  • medium scale single screw extrusion WLB1Betol 38mm
  • large scale single screw extrusion WB9Betol 63mm
  • fibre extrusion line - dual fibre  WB9FET 25mm
  • film blowing WLB1Betol 38mm
  • film blowing miniature WG17
  • cast film - 3 roll stack WLB1Betol 38mm
  • extrusion cast film/ coating WLB1Betol 38mm
  • extrusion Killion 25mm
  • extrusion single screw - billets  WLB3Boston Matthews 25mm
  • metering pump

Solid phase orientation

  • precision small scale die drawing WB17Gillard precision hauloff
  • precision small scale die drawing WB17linear drive
  • precision small scale drawing - Changchun Lablinear drive
  • small scale die drawing - tensile draw frame WB17Messphysik
  • small scale die drawing - tensile draw frame  WB17
  • (long travel)Messphysik
  • Fibre drawing frame WB17Rondol
  • Tensile testers WB17Instron (x2)
  • Biaxial stretcher (vertical) WLB1
  • Biaxial stretcher (horizontal) WLB1Long/ ICI

3-d printing

  • fused deposition (x6)  WB17
  • laser curing (x2) WB17
  • Microfabjetlab  (currently Coating Lab)


  • Electrospinning (bi-component) WG37
  • ultrasonic welding WB11
  • plasma etching WB11


  • rheology
  • Spectroscopy
    • UV vis, WG33Thermo Fisher
    • NIR WG33Thermo Fisher
  • TEM
    • TechnaiFEI/ Thermo Fisher
  • Xray
  • SAXS/WAXS  Anton Paar SAXSpace
  • Thermal
    • DSCTA
    • DMATA
  • Moisture
  • moisture meterMitsubishi
  • Optical microscopy
  • HPLC
  • other Pharmaceutical-related facilities - see Pharma Eng Sci RKT Centre



  • AFM - Asylum WG21Oxford Instruments with Confocal Laser Microscope Leica
  • Nanoindentation WG21 Hysitron
  • Confocal Laser Microscopy
  • White Light Interferometer  WLI Veeco
  • Raman surface mapping Thermo Fisher

Physical properties

  • AFM Asylum WG21Oxford Instruments
  • AFM Asylum WG21Oxford Instruments with Confocal Laser Microscope Leica
  • AFM Veeco WG21
  • nanoindentation Hysitron  WG21
  • micromechanical  WG21
    • Biomomentum
    • Bose Electroforce
  • surface energy
  • contact angle  WF21
  • wear  WG37
  • Micro CT  Nikon  WB17 


  • optical imaging
  • thermal imaging
  • ultrasound
  • thermocouple meshes
  • pressure
  • displacement
  • monitoring/control
  • Labview software
  • National instruments interfaces
  • Python/ Image J software



  • Autodesk Moldflow
  • Abaqus FEA
  • Compuplas
  • CFX
  • Materialise
  • Labview - various in-house programs
  • Python/ Image J - various in-house modules


A range of high end PCs and Macs, plus various large data storage systems

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