The Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre was founded in 1989 as a focal point for UK polymer science & engineering, supported by EPSRC over its first 11 years.

It formed a critical mass network of leading polymer scientists and engineers, with research interests across advanced materials incluiding soft matter, nanocomposites, biomaterials, with strong UK and International links.  The latter have become even more significant in recent years.

The Polymer IRC has a range of polymer-related research and training activities for industry and research students.

Our activities continue to be supported by UK research councils: RCUK/ EPSRC/ MRC/ TSB; in EU platforms; by international collaboration grants (esp. China, India, USA) and by over 120 UK and international companies.

An overview of the Polymer IRC (August 2012) outlining activities at the four core sites, which now operate as independent entities but with key links, particularly in our international activities, can be viewed here.


These initial pages provide recent information and links.  Here’s the Polymer IRC timeline - click for a larger view:

IRC timeline mar 2017

Our detailed historical pages are found here.

If you have enquiries concerning polymer-related materials, please contact us!