Researcher Profiles


All individual members of the UK-China AMRI should complete a 2 page Researcher Profile, which covers:

  1. 1.your contact details

  2. 2.photograph

  3. 3.a brief outine summary of your research (in English & Chinese - we will assist here)

  4. 4.a brief indication of your research areas

  5. 5.a statement of areas in which you are keen to collaborate with other researchers

  6. 6.indication of current collaborations

  7. 7.up to 5 references to your published papers

  8. 8.figures/diagrams which reflect your research

Currently we use a Word template (this is being developed into a full database template), which is submitted by email to us  [ or ]

Please use these links to view or download researcher templates:

Family name:

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