Newton Early Career Workshop 2016

British Council Newton / NSFC  Early Career Workshop on Healthcare Technologies for Aging Populations

6-8 December, 2016   Chengdu

Hosted by the University of Bradford & Sichuan University,  led by

Prof Phil Coates FREng, Director of the Polymer IRC and

Prof Hesheng Xia, Deputy Director of the State Key Laboratory for Polymer Materials Engineering, Sichuan University

Building on our strong UK-China network (Science Bridges China and UK-China AMRI) the workshop addressed growing healthcare needs of aging populations in China and the UK, inlcuing affordable medical technology for enhanced mobility, and the secondary area of drug delivery techniques suited to elderly patients.

17 UK and 18 Chinese Early Career Researchers participated, with mentors from the UK and China, and other participants.

Workshop full pictureECR attendees and mentorsWelcome from Guangxian Li, Sichuan UniversityWelcome, Guangxian LiIntroduction - Phil CoatesOpening sessionOpening sessionmeeting overviewmeeting overviewKiki Liang, British CouncilDongyun Yao, SichuanJie Yang, SichuanWorkshop aims - Phil Coates, co-hostHesheng Xia, co-hostYunbing Wang, NERCB SichuanSigning of new Joint Laboratory with Liqun Zhang, BUCTSigning of new Joint Laboratory with Liqun Zhang, BUCTSigning of new Joint Laboratory with Liqun Zhang, BUCTPostersinstructions?Mentors Panel Chengdu Panda Research Station visit - unimpressed resident!Chengdu Panda Research Station visit - group hug?Chengdu Panda Research Station visit - lunch in tropical setting!Chengdu Oci factory visitChengdu Huanglongxi ancient town visit

Please see the following pages for a range of presenter and other pictures from the workshop:

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- a major output from the Workshop


The University of Bradford and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices (MeDe Innovation - have sponsored up to 8 Researcher Exchanges - collaborations which have been bid for by ECR attendees at the Workshop (25 bids!).  These will be of value up to £1.8k for up to one month of a research exchange which will bring a Chinese researcher to Bradford and/or one of the other MeDe Universities (Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield), with potential collaboration with other universities, according to the UK applicants. The Exchange has to be undertaken by the end of September 2017.  Due to further support from our Chinese partners, we now expect to award at least 12 Researcher Exchanges.

The Programme is available here.

The pdf of the Workshop booklet can be accessed here (85Mb file!)